Doing What Could Not Be Done Before! 

There is a new way of doing dentistry where we are doing things that couldn't be done before!

You may have been told you need a crown on a tooth.  

You may have been told you need a root canal.  

You may have been told your tooth can't be saved.  

Maybe.  Maybe not.

We can restore teeth without crowns.  

We can avoid root canals.

We can save teeth that couldn't be saved before.

We would love to help you.

If you would like to find out how we can help you specifically, please call us for a Free No Obligation Consultation.



  Dental Crown

The Dental Crown - the good.

Traditionally the ultimate way to restore a tooth was with gold. Gold was the strongest, longest lasting restoration available.  Gold restorations conserved tooth structure because they came in different varieties depending on how big the restoration needed to be.  A well done gold restoration (including gold crowns) would last 20 - 40+ years.  Gold crowns became the standard way of restoring a tooth long term.  

The Dental Crown - the bad.

The problem was that these restorations were gold, and most people do not want gold teeth. They want white teeth.

This led dentistry down the road of composites, porcelains and ceramics.

Unfortunately as we went down this road, the longevity of the restorations was one of the first things to go. Very quickly restorations went from lasting decades to barely lasting years.

The Dental Crown - the bad gets worse.

Even more unfortunately, the process of preparing the tooth for these restorations became more destructive to the tooth. Healthy tooth structure was sacrificed in order for things to “look good”. The number of teeth needing root canals increased. The number of teeth that became non-restorable and were extracted increased as well.

The Dental Crown - the Solution.

Fortunately we finally have a solution that is not only 

as good as gold, it’s better!

We can make conversative, tooth colored restorations that last for decades!

What is the solution?  (And what the solution is not.)

The secret of success comes from years (decades) of research on adhesive dentistry.

Thousands of research is published each year about adhesive dentistry and most dentists are not able to keep up with all of the advances and changes.  Almost every aspect of advanced adhesive dentistry requires a different way of thinking and a different set of skills than what is taught in dental schools.  Dentists who apply these advanced techniques usually have to change the way they practice dentistry.

So the solution is not a certain product or material per se.  The solution is a new way of thinking.  It is a new way of treating teeth.  It is a new set of adhesive techniques that allow us to do things that previously could not be achieved.  

Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry is the term used to describe dentistry done with these advanced techniques.

The benefits of having a tooth restored Biomimetically are instant and long lasting.

Finding a dentist to restore your teeth Biomimetically is paramount to keeping your teeth for a life time. Restoring teeth any other way leads to further tooth damage and eventual tooth loss. 

Everyone is happier!

Finally Dentists can offer a tooth colored restoration that not only looks good and feels good; it lasts a long time. 

The benefits of Biomimetic restorations include:

         less pain and frustration,

         teeth last longer,

         less root canals are needed,

         less time in the dental chair,

         money is saved,

         and patients are a whole lot happier!


Not all dentists are created equal.

Not all dentists do dentistry the same.

It does matter where you have your dentistry done.

We would love to be able help you!



The Dental Crown

Traditionally the “crown jewel” of dentistry because it was the ultimate way to restore a tooth. It was the strongest, longest lasting restoration available and great pride and effort went into doing them well.   









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"I scheduled a routine cleaning with Dr. O'Berry after being referred by one of his patients, calling his office, and doing my own research. I have had bad experiences with dentists being unethical, unskilled, and lack customer service skills. Dr. O'Berry is a breath of fresh air! He spoke to me kindly and respectfully, did not try to upsale me on services, and did not rush me in and out of his office. Scheduling an appointment with the front office was a breeze and paper work was minimal! I highly recommend Dr. O'Berry if you want a skilled and ethical dentist!

Desiree W.

"Great Patient care. Dr O'Berry listened to all of our concerns and answered all our questions with kindness and professionalism. His dental assistant made us feel welcome and she was very kind. I would highly recommend Dr O'Berry."

Maria T.

Maria T.

"Dr. O'Berry is awesome! I've never been more relaxed with a dentist. He listens, gives great advice, and is really understanding and won't make you feel bad about anything. He's a funny guy who always seems happy to see you. He actually took the time to sit down with me and discuss my insurance options, I'm not sure any other dentist would take the time to do that.  They genuinely care about you and want to know about you. Customer service here is important. I appreciate all that they've done for me. Thanks a lot guys! ☺"

Betsy S.

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor