What is Biomimetic Dentistry???

The short answer is this: it is dentistry that looks good, feels good and lasts a long time.  

It is tooth colored.  It is minimally invasive and it is very tooth conserving.   

How is that any different from what other dentists do?

The short answer is this: it is more comprehensive. 

If you’ve ever had to get dentistry redone, the reason the dentistry didn’t last is because it violated one or more of the principles of Biomimetic dentistry.  Ideally once a tooth is restored Biomimetically, the tooth never has to be worked on again.

We (as a dental profession) have been doing tooth colored restorations long enough to figure out what causes them to fail. This has led to the development of different techniques and materials that if used properly, actually restore the tooth back to its original strength; and the restorations last just as long as a natural tooth in your mouth. That is what Biomimetic Dentistry is and does; but there’s more!

Since one of the principles of Biomimetic Dentistry is to conserve as much natural tooth structure as possible, we can avoid "capping" teeth when they break or become severely worn down.  We are also better able to avoid tooth aches and root canals.  This is one of the greatest benefits to patients.  We are literally able to save patients thousands of dollars over their life time.  We save more of their teeth, and their teeth are pain and worry free.

Beyond Biomimetic Dentistry, every aspect of our services are focused on what you, as the patient, want for your teeth. 

We do not believe in high pressure sales. 

We do not process our patients like they are on an assembly line.  

We do not provide cookie cutter solutions.  

Teeth can last a life time.

Dentistry does not need to lead to nightmares. 

We want you to have joy in your life.  

We are really good at fixing teeth.  

So if you believe that will benefit you, we would love to help you.