Example of a Biomimetic Restoration 

Below is a series of pictures showing the process of how we restored a tooth using Biomimetic principles. The reason the patient came to see us was because he had a tooth that hurt when he would chew on it. We tested the pulp (nerve) of the tooth and the pulp was still vital (alive and healthy). We knew we could restore this tooth without needing a root canal.  We removed the previous restoration and were able to identify that the tooth was fractured. We removed the crack along with the damaged and unsupported tooth structure, and restored the tooth with a Biomimetic restoration. His tooth is still alive (vital pulp) and he has no problems chewing with that tooth.

Doing What Could Not Be Done Before!

In many cases:

We can restore teeth without doing crown!

We can avoid root canals!

We can save teeth that could not be saved before!

In any case:

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